AIM: God did not create man for a short-lived existence, hence He made him Eternal, just like Himself (Eccl. 3:11). But when man became mortal, and entered his new father's (Satan) kingdom, sorrow, sickness, pain and disease, became part of humanity's existence. These blood-bound-like foes resulting to the physical dissolution of the human body have been shrouded in mystery, all through the ages. Doctors and Scientists have advanced causes of most diseases, and natural men have even accused God for creating a being for which sickness and disease form part. Who is the author and how do sicknesses and diseases arise?

1. Who is the author of sicknesses and diseases?
2. Describe the causes of some sicknesses and diseases.

1. The scripture is explicit on plagues God inflicts on humanity as a corrective measure for offences man commits against God (Ex. 8:19, 2Kings 5:27, 1Sam. 16:23, Acts 13:11, 1Chro. 21:14, 1Cor. 10:8). But sicknesses and diseases are generally caused by that being the scripture calls Satan. Sickness and disease are broken peace; the peace which Christ brought from heaven to restore to fallen man (John 14:27). Satan, being an enemy of God, of man, and of angelic beings, creates sorrow through sickness, disease and pain to man in order to break the heart of God. Satan's authority in causing sickness, disease, and physical death are manifest in the scriptures (Lk. 8:23-24, Lk. 13:16, Acts 10:38, 1Cor. 5:5, Job 2:6¬7, Heb. 2:14 Lk. 12:5).

2. In this part we shall examine Madness, Tuberculosis, Asthma, ordinary cough and cholera.

MADNESS: The victim's spirit in most cases is encaged full length in a glass pillar. Several demons and foul spirits including the snake and wolves occupy and indwell the human spirit (Lk. 8:2, 30). The same human spirit could be seen in large numbers wearing thick black glasses and in most cases scattered in thick jungles. The same human spirit in hundreds, is carried by gorillas over their heads turning with vigour. The same spirit is tied in hundreds on the waist and hung on branches of trees, rafters, in churches, juju shrines and dwelling houses with gorillas viciously swinging them. The same spirit is swallowed by dragons or serpents hiding in marshy thickets, seabeds and rivers flowing through thick jungles. The same spirit could be found encaged at the top of an elongated glass crate sunk through the surface of the earth or through the bottom of the sea or of a river bursting into the third world. The victim's spirit is chained to crosses, trees or beams of churches and dwelling houses. In general, the victim's brain in the spirit is stuffed with dried leaves and pieces of rags. All these activities on the human spirit by that being the scriptures call Satan reflect on the physical body to cause madness, violent or mild depending on the extent of the these activities.

From day to day we see the mental, laughing, running, or performing acts that are ridiculous before the sane man. This is the reason. I always see large structures like warehouses or inside Churches or living houses this mystery. From the rafter and other beams in these structures are hundreds of the victims' spirit tied by the neck and suspended. Tied besides each spirit are features resembling jumping horses, dancing, laughing or singing humans or other ridiculous feature. In between these features and the human spirit are large pure mirrors tied reflecting these features to the suspended spirit. The mystery is that what you see the mental perform are these features that are reflected to him through the mirror. Satan most times apply this method on false prophets, occultists and native doctors to achieve lying prophecies or creating abnormality in his own agents (Rev. 12:9). Satan has applied this method of destruction too on this writer but the Lord saved me out.

Sometimes, Satan's agents make sacrifices and locks these with padlock and throws into the river; sea or into the bush. The mystery is that the prince ruling this zone imprisons the victim's spirit in its enclave (house), the imprisonment is first the victim's spirit put in what looks like canary cage. And these in turn are encaged in a cement work resembling a local clay pot with cover. The padlock used for the sacrifice is used by the Prince (demon) to lock the iron gate leading to the prison enclave. This is when the false prophet or the occultist will tell you to go and bring sea waters for such a sacrifice or tells you blunt; there is no solution to your problem because your spirit is locked away in the river or in the high seas.

TUBERCULOSIS: There is an engine resembling fan in the chest without the covers screwed securely to the back bone. Several razor blades or machetes tied to strings are packed in the throat. A serpent is tucked head-long into each nostril and into the throat. The machetes and blades account for the blood that follow this cough. There are thick bonds in pad form fastened to the inside and outside the chest of the human spirit. The decaying materials from these bonds account for the thick phlegm that is coughed out.
The lighter slimy things coughed out are the saliva of the serpents in the throat. Thick metal crates sealed with the human spirit and many serpents are buried in cold and waterlogged grounds. There are always serpents in the nostrils and in the throat.

ASTHMA: All the features described under tuberculosis are present except the razor blades and the machetes.

ORDINARY COUGHS: The fan-like engine is found in the chest. In addition, there is a serpent tucked in the throat and a great length of white cloth fills the throat. Saliva from the serpent and the decaying cloth account for the matter coughed out.

CHOLERA: The fan-like engine is found in the chest and in the stomach with a serpent tucked into the throat. Note that in these cases, the engine when in operation grinds foods in the stomach and the thick bonds in the chest. The serpent in the throat is to arouse cough. Divine healing will be fully discussed on all sicknesses and diseases.

CONCLUSION: Only the righteous shall live by faith. Repent and be master to Devil and his circumstances. Read your Bible daily.