TEXT: LUKE 4:16-41

AIM: The Scripture is clear about the link between sin and disease. For there was no disease or sickness until sin came and sin is breaking of the law (Gen. 2:16-17). Mortal man today knows no peace for his whole life is shrouded in mysteries above his comprehension. The sense ruled mind knows nothing about the causes of sicknesses and diseases except as it is set down in books for him about germs and worms. Any other authentic revelations about the causes of sicknesses and diseases would appear foolish to the medical or scientific world because of the limitations of the natural man's understanding (1Cor. 2:14). Satan is the author of all sorrows including disease and sickness. Let us examine the root causes of more diseases and sicknesses.

1. Describe the causes of some Sicknesses and Diseases.
Malaria, Yellow fever, Sickle cell, Cancer and Chronic Sore.

1. These afflictions seem to come from the same root. From the numerous victims that we have seen, the same feature manifest and when God clears them, the sick recover. In all the three cases, you find numerous big trees of all description like mahogany, oak, cotton tree etc. in the human spirit. There are also numerous pipes of about 20ft by 2ft length sunk in the spirit. In most cases there are bales of white cloth found in the human spirit. In the chest and in the stomach and sometimes in the head are blazing flames of fire. In the case of Yellow fever and the sickle cell, there are numerous worms inside the bones. These worms are half-white and half-red and not more than ½ inch long. In the case of the Sickle Cell, there are always knife-like instruments inside the bones. The spirit is wrapped with thick white clothes. The knives in the bones create crisis period for the victim.

In all the three cases and in all other ailments that create body heat result from this. The victim's spirit found tied by the neck to a stick pinned at the centre of a burning fire. The intensity of the fire and the number of heaps determine the degree of the body temperature. In addition this same spirit is transfixed to a cross and wrapped around thickly with a black cloth. Measles and small pox are an offshoot of the intense heat produced in the body as a result of these bonds. The devil's intention of the heat is to drain the blood and water content out of the victim in the physical. Yet another factor that rapidly hastens the weakening of the spirit, and indeed the fast physical dissolution of the body is this. A hook and line is tied to a young bamboo pole at the top. This pole is pinned in a pond or banks of rivers with the top of it bent to sink the hook and part of the line in the water. On such hooks I always find a live fish struggling to get loose or in a state of an imminent death. Sometimes a large serpent swallows the fish to hasten its death. The mystery is that the struggling fish is the victim's spirit and the moment the fish dies, and with other bonds actively in operation, the affected sick person dies. Note also that in operation along side the fish and hook bond are serpents and dragons that swallow the human spirit buried inside a glass pillar of the human size or swallowed naked.

CANCER, CHRONIC SORE: Cancer among women varies. An attack on the breast shows that bottles, glasses and other sharp breakable objects are sunk in the breast. The base of the chest which carries the breast reveals some thick decaying bonds and in the armpits, similar bonds create severe pains. Lumps of flesh-like outgrowth dot spots on the breast. In the womb and in the belly I always see deep cuts vertical or horizontal between the navel and the heart which doctors describe as cancer. Ninety-eight percent of these cancer cases, except that of the breast are caused by the doctors through D&C', other operations or birth control mechanisms among women are the deep cuts in the belly or other parts of the body.

Sores occur through swells on any part of the body, or through physical causes. Swollen bodies are caused by bags of water neatly packed between the flesh and the skin. When this swollen spot is ignorantly tampered with, the water bag bursts and a fast growing sore develops. This sore could become chronic when it affects the bone or when the small witch bird found in the witchcraft chest stands on the wound to peck lumps of flesh from this wound. Each peck results in streaks of fresh blood in the sore.

CONCLUSION: Blame not your affliction on God. Repent and be free from Satan's awful punishments. Read your bible daily.