TEXT: LUKE 4:16-41

AIM: The total picture of life is almost too painful for contemplation and life as I see it, should continue to depend on man not knowing it too well. If God should bring clearly to man's sight the terrible suffering and miseries to which his life is constantly exposed to, he would be seized with horror. If we were to conduct the confirmed optimist through the hospitals, surgical operation rooms, and if we were to open to him all the dark abodes of misery, where it hides itself, he would understand at last the nature of this best of worlds. This is a nutshell of the reign of evil that reveals the lordship over the human race of the one whom the scriptures call Satan. Let us study more afflictions from this arch-enemy of God, enemy of man, and enemy of angelic beings called Satan, whose daily work is to seek to destroy God's work.

1. Examine the causes of more diseases and sicknesses, Stroke, Heart Attack, Convulsion, Epilepsy, Bleeding, Swollen Legs and Hard Delivery.

STROKE: In effect is caused primarily by killer demon. This demon, as tall as 30ft to 40ft carries an axe-like iron instrument which he uses to hit the head of the victim. This starts off this dreaded sickness called stroke. Before the switch on stroke by this demon, the human spirit is covered with arrows that pierce every available spot. Inside are numerous big trees of every description and pipes about 20ft long and 2ft wide and cutlasses in large numbers are found inside every part of the spirit.

HEART ATTACK: There is always that witch bird found in the witch's chest eating up the human heart. This bird resembles the young one of a turkey with curved beak. It permanently sinks its curved beak in the heart and systematically eats up the heart. Each peck or pull of a portion of the heart creates an impact in the physical. When this bird is full, it goes back to the witchcrafts chest and another one is released to continue the action until the victim dies. At other times, there is always a missile fired from a shelling gun that penetrates deep into the heart. This sharp iron is about length 3ft and 2 inches wide. Further, there are still sharp objects like fisherman's spears deep inside the heart. The missile victims die suddenly than the bird process. That witchcrafts suck human blood is not true except as it is through the bird. For all children of the devil that are used by him drink human blood including all false prophets, false church leaders and false evangelists just as all children of God drink of the blood of Jesus (John 6:56). See lecture on Mysteries.

CONVULSION, EPILEPSY: Convulsion and Epilepsy seem to have stemmed from the same root. The difference is that convulsion in most cases is preceded by intense body heat and rapid rise in temperature. Just as in Malaria and other fits associated with body temperature, the human spirit shows blazing fire mainly in the chest, head and in the stomach. Again the spirit is wrapped with thick black cloth or tied in a blazing heap of fire. Trees such as oak, mahogany, etc are dumped in the spirit. These various bonds operating simultaneously account for the complications.

But in both convulsion and epilepsy, there are several lengths of wire resembling the telephone exchange wires tied in the skull in the human spirit passing through the marrow of the vertebral column and tied to the fingers and toes through the marrow of every bone. When these wires are pulled at the skull, every part of the physical body responds by standing stiff including even the eye sockets.

BLEEDING, SWOLLEN LEGS AND HARD DELIVERY: For this lesson, I will concern ourselves with pregnancy and its complications. During pregnancy, many women bleed and the legs swell up. I see nothing but a rubber bag resembling a hot water bottle with many rubber tubes connecting this bag to all major arteries of the body. These tubes collect blood and water from the victim and transfer the blood into the bag. A major rubber hose connects the mouth of this woman's private passage. If these rubber hoses are connected to the legs they swell up. In some cases there are water bags in the legs and thick P.O.P. like pads covering the legs. Sometimes, a sharp missile is driven through the vagina to puncture a sack-like feature that surrounds the baby occasioning bleeding. I always see three or four thick iron plates neatly cut and fitted in to block the child passage; and a sharpened stick driven in to seal off the baby. Sometimes I could see a big manila rope tightly tied around the waist. To the blind, Satan has created room for hard labour often resulting to death of the child, the mother or both.

CONCLUSION: Satan creates all these problems for you. Come on to Christ, repent and be righteous, you will live above the Devil. Read your Bible daily.