AIM: These New Testament Pharisees and Scribes are out to mislead the good, sincere ordinary believers the way the Pharisees and Scribes of the Old Testament made the good and the sincere Israelites to pay horrible price through false leadership. These non-Christian blind and arrogant church leaders always have good reasons of their own making to deceive sincere and good but ignorant people to believe in anti¬Christ practices. This week we shall study some of these disguised methods of devil worship.

1. Is falling under Holy Spirit Anointing a Christian Practice?
2. Is the Holy Water used by the so-called Christians really Holy?

1. Ignorance is the choicest weapon used by S atan over the spiritually dead. Hence Satan daily works actively through these blind, fake men of God to sustain his kingdom through devilish miracles like falling under Holy Spirit anointing or falling when demons are believed to be leaving their victims. This is not a Christian practice or else we could have read from the Apostles' accounts during their evangelical activities. Satan, as a liar and deceiver of the whole world has found easy instruments that have lent themselves to him to defile, destroy, and to indwell the human temple (John 8:44, Rev. 2:2, 12:9). There are air, land and sea demons and foul spirits. (Rev. 18:2, Eph. 6:12). And these seek daily to indwell the human temples just as God desires to indwell the human temple. Though Satan is a corrupter (2Cor. 11:3),Tempter (lThess.3:5) and a seducer, he has no power to defile, destroy or lead astray except through a human instrument. Therefore churches that are presided over by unrighteous leaders, these demons freely possess members of such congregations as these false leaders pray to bless such innocent worshippers or when the so- called over - possessed fake men of God and the myriad of false evangelists are in action. These false leaders also claim that falling under Holy Spirit anointing occurs either when demons are leaving their victims or when they are receiving the Holy Spirit. But I say, this is a clear form of the practice of spiritualism which God condemned from the old (Isa. 42:8, Ps. 97:7,1Uohn 4:1). How many of the large crowds that followed Jesus were tumbling in this way? Does the bible also record this falling miracle of the Apostles? This writer has witnessed similar incident as recorded in Mk. 9:17-27.

Devil is always looking for a testimony to give room to his children to blaspheme against God. The proponents of this satanic practice even quote John 18:6. Were these coming to Christ for the Holy Spirit or to get rid of these demons? Blind leaders of the blind, why allow Satan to sift you as wheat? By this your actions, (1) You have made devil worship thrive worldwide in the guise of Christianity. (2) You Speak lies and make people believe in lying testimonies. (3) You promise people healing where there is none, thus making the ordinary good people to openly abuse God for not keeping promises. (4) You create room for Satan to utterly destroy man before the end by hindering these ordinary good followers from the truth. The powers you get from world capitals, the prolonged fasting you make without repentance make you a servant of the Devil and not God. Thus the demons and foul spirits besiege your crusade grounds, and your churches to over power these unsuspecting, good but ignorant people, push them down and possess them. There is no man or woman falling under this condition that is not possessed.

2. Since Christ's universal message to mankind, some two thousand years ago, neither God nor Christ has commanded anyone to bless water for the purpose of healing, protection or for wealth. This is another form of open devil worship through human agents. Satan plants bonds in humans to create sickness and disease and Satan could remove these bonds to effect healing (Acts 16:16, 1Sam. 28:7). This holy water works in the same way as the charms of the occultists, mediums, native doctors and divinators. Satan divides the world into communities and zones over which a higher prince holds sway (Daniel 10:13, 20). And these lustful agents of the devil know the abode of each powerful prince. Hence they take some water or rock within the prince's zone of authority and use same for their familiar spirit practices of devilish holy water. On some occasions pits are dug and when water collects in them, demons act subtly through that water producing some counterfeit devilish miraculous manifestation and this becomes holy water to the ignorant man. On other occasions, sinners (the un-regenerated souls) can fast for the devil on end and hand over such educated spirits for the devil to use. Such people can pray over water to produce some startling results thus becoming an apostle of holy water. How do the sick get healing or people becoming rich through the use of this water? See part three of devil worship. Also see the significance of blood.

CONCLUSION: The kingdom is at hand, seek the truth and let the truth set you free. Read your bible daily.