TEXT: EZEKIEL 28:11-19

AIM: There is no man alive today that has not been deceived by the devil at one stage of his existence or the other (Rev. 12:9). Therefore the natural man is deceived to believe that possession of Naira or political privilege is mark of love of God or prosperity. But read these scriptures (Lk. 4:6, Lk.12:15, Prov. 21:6, Job 20:4-5). The man who uses God's ability for the joy and welfare of others is the one God loves, a prosperous man (John 14:23). Spiritual blindness and fleshly lusts are another of Satan's potent weapons to keep the hordes of humanity in bondage, to be slain and cast into hell by the devil (Lk. 12:5, Heb. 2:14). What are Satan's tactics of using wealth and honour to destroy man?

1. How does Satan act through Holy Water?
2. Are Divine Healing and medical healing complementary?

1. There is no mention in the scriptures that a Christian or prophet of God should bless water for healing, protection or for prosperity. God's commandment in this regard is clear in Rev. 3:18 (Reference 1Uohn 5:8). And even Jesus commanded Divine Healing not with water (Mark 16:16-17,20). Holy water as divine healing is a mere figment of human imagination based on ignorance which cannot be blessed by God. Satan has power of disease, power to bring plague on humanity, power to raise storm and unnatural fires and has the power of death (Matt. 8:24, Lk. 13:11, 16, Job 2:6-7, Heb. 2:14). The unregenerated soul has the nature of devil. And when he prays over the water and gives to the sick, the demons remove the bonds creating that sickness just as the same way as devil heals through the false prophets, native doctors and occultists etc. but when the prince (higher demon) that operates through the water is lower than the prince that creates the problem, there will be no healing or protection. For traders and businessmen in general, this is how the water operates. In a market, A, B, C are three traders. If trader A applies holy water to his shop, the demons shield off the shops of B and C. in most cases I even see a thick black cloth spread over shops B and C in this case only trader A sells even though his prices may be higher than B and C. This is the same principle that devil applies through charms of native doctors, occultists etc. Trader A has worshipped the devil and is blessed by him (Lk. 4:6).

Sometimes I see a big pipe buried under ground with one end discharging goods in A's shop in the example above and the other end appearing in B's or C's shop evacuating goods to shop A. A's business point can be at Kano and the demons will be busy stealing from B and C in Port Harcourt to A's ware-house located in Kano. Money too is stolen by the devil from banks, from traders and businessmen by the demons to enrich clients of holy waters and other charm users (John 10:10). This explains why some people with no visible business concern grow richer while others have nothing to write home about despite their efforts. The same way with Satan's own churches. The leaders grow richer while the followers become wretched and roam about for solution to their problems and poverty. This is the reason why the so-called Christians who refuse to repent suffer because they do not have the authority of God, (Holy Spirit) to combat the demons. They pray and God does not answer and the devil too regards them as rebels (IPet. 3:12-13, John 9:31, Prov. 15:29). However, let the prophets and users of holy water and other powers from the devil note that wealth won by or through others poverty cannot endure (Job 20:4-7, Lk. 6:24-26).

2. Sickness and disease are of the devil and were not part of God's creation. God could not therefore have formed a medical Corps or any other healing body to treat man when he falls sick. Healing by medical or other means besides Divine Healing is fallen man's attempt at combating his eternal foe, the devil. Not only human but both the vegetation and animal kingdoms received the curse (Gen. 3:17-18, Rom. 8:19-22). Satan breathed his cursed nature even to the vegetation kingdoms or is Gen. 1:31 a contradiction as some flowers and herbs are poisonous while others are good for food? There were physicians and apothecaries in the days of Moses yet God commanded the atonement of sin by blood sacrifice to check spiritual death. (Rom. 5:14). And note that sickness and disease came into the world as a result of sin. When there was no sin, there was no sickness. It was God's command in Gen. 3:15 that Satan should attack man (Bruise the heel) and man should destroy the ruler ship of Satan over his life (bruise the head). Satan faced Jesus with all known diseases, and circumstances and Jesus defeated him (Matt. 4:23-24). And the sacrifice of Jesus is adequate to meet all of man's need to always bruise the head of Satan (John 16:33, Heb.9:12). Satan is eternally defeated by Jesus (Col. 2:15, Rev. 1:18) and these dethroned rulers are subject to the Redeemed and the Recreated (Col. 1:13,1 John 4:4). Who among the early Christians was ever sick and was carried to a hospital? (James 5:14). This writer has seen the mental, broken bones, deformed from birth, cancer, blind, deaf, possessed etc; healed while prayers are offered. God cannot seek a doctor's aid to heal his children. The problem with human is that, he refuses to repent and thus cannot stand boldly in the sight of God (Heb. 4:16, 1Pet. 3:12, John 9:31). The righteous shall live by faith (Heb. 10:38). With all the advancement in medicine, are the nations healed? (Jer. 8:22,46:11).

CONCLUSION: Let him that is still ignorant and unrighteous repent and live by faith only. Read your bible daily.