TEXT: LUKE 10:1-24

Diseases, we have briefly described how Satan creates sicknesses and diseases in humanity. To the unrenewed mind, these sicknesses and diseases are regarded as natural to man as eating and drinking. Sicknesses and diseases are ignorantly taken as part of God's creation and man must be obliged to endure them. But can God be the author of these great calamities that face humanity? The New Creation man with the eyes of his inner man opened sees that the mystery of sicknesses or diseases emanates from Spiritual Death which is the very nature of the Devil. Therefore devil is the author of sicknesses and diseases. And how does God aid to ward off these sicknesses and diseases on Man's behalf? This is our topic for this week.

1. Describe God's method of Healing Sicknesses and
2. Why has God continued to Anoint people in every generation?
3. Can Medicine and Divine Healing go together?

1. Sickness is broken peace. And this writer has seen over a million people come with various sicknesses and diseases as recorded in Part I- III on causes of sicknesses and diseases in this manual. The weapons involved in the healing process as revealed to me include: the blood of Jesus, the water from the blood, the Holy spirit, the Name of Jesus, the fingers of man's
hand (God), the Word and fire from Heaven (1John 5:8, Daniel
5:5, 25, 1Kings 18:38, Lk. 11:20).

Different sicknesses or diseases carry different Bonds (Satan's weapons to create sickness). These bonds could be arrow, cloth wrapped thickly on the human spirit, sharp missiles or cutlass piercing through the spirit or whatever deadly instrument at Devil's disposal to create affliction and death. The human spirit is immersed in the Blood of Jesus. Fire from Heaven descends on the human spirit and burns off these external bonds. The human spirit is shifted to another column of the Blood and every bond sunk in the spirit and manifested in the body are removed. Some stubborn ones are burnt off by the fire from Heaven. On command, every part of the human spirit opens and all hidden bonds removed. Even the bones open for the knife-like instruments; worms or even serpents are to be eliminated. As these “Bonds” are eliminated, so the sickness or disease disappears, whatever name humanity chose to call that sickness or disease.

Another interesting feature about Divine Healing is the performing of operations. This process involves swollen parts, stomach outgrowth like fibroids, stomach ulcers etc. A curved mental-like instrument accompanied by fire removes the spot. Broken bones, ribs, skulls are put to shape and healed (Gen.
2:21). The water is for the cooling of high temperature and soothing agent for sleepless patients. The name of Jesus is the Power of Attorney and the Holy Spirit is for recreation of damaged organs.

2. All humans including many of the so-called Christians blindly blame God for their sorrows. The first reason for God's anointing is to tell man that He Jehovah is not party to their suffering. This is the reason for the revelations of the mysteries to His anointed ones (2Cor. 12:7, Matt.13: 11, 1Cor. 2:7, Rom.

Second, the World is in darkness due to spiritual Death (Isa.
25:7). Spiritualist, Medium, Occultist, witchcraft with Satan wisdom transforming themselves into angels of lights, have made the sin-loving multitudes of the world acquire animal propensities, and Satan has exaltingly swept into his net millions who profess to be followers of Christ (James 3:15). God needs a spokesman with His Nature as an example for others to see and know the difference.

Another reason is Rom. 10:15. Except God commissions a man, he cannot understand the scriptures and give others their correct scriptural contents. For example, the word “Believe” means acting on the word (Matt. 12:50, John 8:31, Matt. 7:21). If anyone agrees that Jesus is come in the flesh is of God means that Jesus is the Son of God and has authority over the Devil (Heb. 2:14, 1John 4:2). So if the Devil's nature in man makes him a sinner, Jesus has the power given to him by the Father to make man righteous again (Eph. 2:1-3, 1John 2:29, Rom. 1:16-
17). But the carnal man would ask, having Believed Jesus; is there anything more? God needs an instrument to forcibly take prisoners from Devil's prison (Lk. 4:18, Acts 26:17-18, Lk.
24:49). And by His own personal behaviour and conduct sinners can be converted to God for their healing.

3. The answer definitely is NO. Mark 16:17 states the condition for Divine manifestations clearly. Those that “believe” that is, those that act on the Word in their daily life, and have passed from Death unto Life, these signs shall follow them (Mark 16:15-18). Also Hebrews 10:38 says, only the Righteous (just) shall live in the spiritual realm and the Faith through their recreated spirits. Can God work with them and confirm His Word? (1Pet. 3:12) is categorical. John 9:31 is another. Who among the early Christians was sick and sought a physicians healing? Can't you understand what James is telling you that a Christian is not meant to be sick? (James 5:15). When these so-called sin-infested, lustful men of God pray boastful prayers and receive no answer, they resort to sensual things like handkerchief, oil, combining medicine with prayer. They operate in the “familiar spirits” sphere (1Sam. 28:7). Only the righteous shall live by faith; for God is to confirm and not by might, arrogance or devilish wisdom (James 3:15).

CONCLUSION: Repent, be righteous and God will confirm His Word in your lips God does not answer prayers of sinners. Read your bible daily.