Elijah's Victory Over The Prophets Of Baal

TEXT: I KINGS 18:15-40

AIM: This lesson aims at alerting all Believers that the course of the battle under Grace has changed from human beings to the dethroned rulers (demons) Eph. 6:12, Heb. 12:14, and as Jesus defeated the devil in every straight combat, so the righteous man living by faith in God will defeat every fiery dart of the devil just as Elijah triumphed over Satan's prophets (Matt. 4:23-24, John 15:12-14, IKings 18:40, Heb. 10:38). Let us make a thorough research of the secret of Elijah's victory over the enemy.

1. What were Elij ah's weapons for this battle?
2. What are the similarities of Elijah's battle with that of the Believer?
3. Compare the result of Elijah's victory with that of the Believer's

1. Obedience and implicit confidence in God was the secret of Elijah's triumph over the Devil. Elijah obeyed God when he was told that He would feed Elijah through birds (IKings 17:4-6). Compare Elijah's obedience to the disobedient prophet of God that was slain by a lion (IKing 13:1-5, 20-24). Elijah also possessed a fearless boldness in the face of a mighty and wicked King such as Ahab (IKings 18:15-18). When God told him to present himself before Ahab, Elijah did not hesitate to do so. And the widow testified of the truth that was in the lips of Elijah (IKings 17:24). Similarly, the weapons of the Believer for his daily combat with the demons are: Obedience, righteousness and sacrifice (repentance) (IPeter 1:2, Rev. 19:8, Rom. 12:1-2). All these attributes are embodied in the Life that Christ brought from the Father to fallen and unrighteous man (2Tim. 1:10, John 15:4-6, John 5:24-26). This Life (Eternal Life, the very Nature of God), imparted to man's spirit is to enable man to re-arm himself in defense of himself and his children against the demons. Therefore every child of God must be fully equipped with the whole armour of God (Eph. 6:13-17).

2. From the abundance of the revelations given to me, it is not an over statement that out of a thousand prophets in this nation, perhaps only three are from God. And all these prophets are possessed with many demons each. Therefore, every saint, New Creation man, is in minority in his combat with these dethroned rulers-demons: 450 prophets of Baal and prophets of the groves, 400 against one man Elijah. This shows that every Righteous man here on earth is in minority in the face of demons and demon-ruled men but the war course is that the Universal Father God is at your back so that you are always victorious, it is minority victory all the time (Isa. 8:14, Rom. 8:31,1 John 4:4).
As Elijah challenged these agents of Lucifer, every New Creation man is to face these dethroned rulers wherever they rear their wicked heads. Reader do you know that this our corrupt society the hunger, the disease, ignorance, hatred, revenge, lying deceit and mutual distrust among families, between communities and tribes are challenges to you from Satan. Are you really a battle-axe of Jehovah to slay these demons to liberate suffering human? As Elijah threw challenge to Satan's agents. You too can throw challenge to the demons that hinder men from knowing the way of righteousness. Be on the offensive against these demons for victory is always yours (Matt. 18:18-20, John 15:7-8, John 16:24, ICor. 15:57, 2Cor. 2:14).

3. God's divinely chosen people, Israel, fought fleshly battles, so was the war of Elijah against demon-ruled men and the results of such battles rocked all of the Gentiles world. The victories of these God backed combats re-established Jehovah's Name and Authority in all nations (Rom. 9:17, IKings 18:39, John 11:45, Acts 9:40-42). Elijah worked out God's glory here on earth, as did the super man, Jesus Christ and all of the early Apostles and disciples through obedience, righteousness and absolute faith in God.
God requires the same from you as a New Creation man. Every single victory you score over the devil re-awakens the unbeliever's dead spirit (the real man) to search for the truth. Jesus says, if you confess me to others, I will confess you to my Father. In the office you work, how many people have given glory to God because of your exemplary life (conduct and behaviour) as a New Creation man? or how many people who trade with you are turning to Christ because of your conduct and personal behaviour. This is the meaning of confessing Jesus Christ to others. You say God is real, Jesus is real and that any one that is in Christ receives a miracle in his spirit and as people are not seeing that new thing in your life, are you confessing Jesus to your observers or a stumbling block in their way? Let Rom. 8:16 help you to answer this question. Human beings die during Elijah's contest. Demons are to die in your daily contest with the devil in this new Holy Spirit dispensation as against, the old dispensation of the reign of spiritual death (Eph. 6:12, Mk. 6:11 Lk. 9:54-56, Heb. 12:14). The Believer's victory is that the sick are healed, the hungry fed, the prisoners set free. The way, the truth and the life are established for the doubter and the liars to follow and to enter into Heaven. This is the battle.

CONCLUSION: Be of profit to God and to man. Read your bible daily.