TEXT: MATTHEW 12:10-37

AIM: This week, we shall make a thorough study of this arch¬fiend, called Satan who is ruling the Earth today as the Prince of the Nations (John 12:31,14:30), the being that rules the hearts and lives of men, having the power of disease and death and the authority to cast into Hell (Lk. 12:5, Heb. 2:14).

1. Enumerate some of Satan's deadly weapons
2. How do these weapons operate?

1. Without man, God cannot bless, cannot touch the human, likewise without man, Satan cannot lead astray or destroy the human. Therefore the first and potent weapon of Satan is man. Beasts, fouls spirits and unclean and hateful birds are another group (Leviticus 11:4,10, Rev. 18:2). Notable among the beasts are the Gorilla, Horse, Cows, Sea dogs etc. Other weapons include missiles ranging from the kind fired from human war machines like the tank, armoured car, heavy artillery, machine guns, space crafts, down to arrows proper fired from bows, aeroplanes of assorted designs like the one with long manilla ropes tied to the bottom; or the one with rope woven like a net which also is tied at the bottom elongated out or the type like an helicopter with wings of long tiny iron blades or the types without wings.
Satan's instruments also include tremendous pipes of varying diameters and colours. Some of these pipes are constructed in the shape of a pillar, or with a basket like antenna engraved with a thick glass. Of great importance to Devil are thick black crates like fuel storage tanks of great dimensions. Features like trains, ships, carts drawn by horses, and trees are also some of Satan's weapons.

2. Mediums, Occultists, Native Doctors, Wizards, society men, and all the unrighteous church leaders invoke or pray direct to the Devil. The former group may use assorted materials like the skin of a snake, of wolf, or of other beast. In addition, they may use the bark of trees, scratched out grains of irons, pipes, feathers or other parts of birds, cloth, candles etc. Assuming that this work is directed against James using some or all of these items, the demons obtain the spirit of James directly or through collecting James' hairs from all parts of the body, finger and toe nails. Unclean birds do the collection while James sleeps. James' spirit automatically manifests through these collected parts of the body. For Devil to destroy James or hinder his progress, James' spirit is swallowed by wolves, sea dogs, serpents, dragons or other beast. James' spirit can be found tied neck to neck with handcuffs and securely tied to the sides of these crates and pipes with chains and invisible wire and buried in the ground or sometimes secured to trees in case of the pipes. Again, James' spirit can be found in a ship or train in chain or in carts drawn by horses. The same James' spirit is wrapped in freshly woven mat and buried in the ground or tied to trees fallen into rivers or seas. Sometimes the same James' spirit in thousands is incarcerated in these massive glass pillars and buried in the ground. The pillars with basket-like antenna engraved with glass is specifically used by the devil to magnetize powers given by him (devil) from the human. Thousand of such and other devices have been tried by Satan times without number to magnetize Jehovah's power operating in this writer. This is the reason why Satan can anoint and has power to take it back.

The irons scratched for this invocative work can now represent an engine cylinder or other heavy iron structures with long sharp teeth sunk into James' spirit or tightened securely with bolts and nuts creating sorrow (diseases sicknesses). Weapons like ships, trees, pipes, bales of white, red, black clothes or large chain with sharp teeth are freely dumped into the human spirit.

The planes play the role of the human planes at war. Some of these planes are fitted with iron missiles or firebombs that are unleashed on their Victims. Others of the helicopter model are used for scouting activities and on errands like photographing scenes for quick transmission. The space craft-like missiles are fired directly to the victim for instant paralysis or unprecedented pain. Even the arrows of the human type can litter the human spirit with far reaching results; emaciating, sleeplessness, mental illness or gradual and prolonged sickness.

Note this that the unrighteous church leader or Christian's prayer works the same way as any of the above groups. Prayers such as Holy Ghost fire, burn my enemies, let my enemy's plans against me go back to him; let thunder fire my enemies! The devil answers directly to destroy. Devil also answers to heal the same way as he heals through the first Group. (Lk. 11:19, Ex. 7:10-12,8:6-7, Rev. 16:13-14).

CONCLUSION: Nothing can take the place of repentance. A sinner is a child of the devil (1 John 3:9). Read your Bible Daily.