The Two Families In The World


AIM: Jesus declared that there are two spiritual fathers in the world. Therefore, men are either worshipping God as a Father or worshipping the devil as a father (John 8:44, Uohn 3:10). This week, we shall study these two families, as they exist in the world and the things that differentiate one from the other.

1. How can a child of the devil be identified?
2. How can God's child be identified?
3. Describe how S atan sustains his government?
4. Why do more people prefer the devil and his government?

1. All that is holy, righteous and good heads up in God, while all that is evil, unjust and destructive heads up in devil. This is the dividing point between the two families because the children of God have His nature (Uohn 3:9), likewise the children of the devil have his nature (Matt. 7:18). Lying, hatred and revenge are the first characteristics of the child of the devil. Perhaps, the badge he wears is lying. Lying is as natural as eating, drinking and bathing. He lies in appearance, in business and even on the pulpit. The child of the devil is a deceiver like his father Satan (Rev. 12:9). He is an instrument to defile, to destroy and to lead astray. An unbeliever is a Wolf (Ezk. 22:27-28, Matt. 7:15, Lk. 10:3, Acts 20:29). His tongue can kindle a fire that no fire brigade can quench (James 3:5-6). His tongue is an instrument of defilement and destruction.

2. God's child is ruled by Agape love (John 13:34-35, ICor. 13:13, Rom. 5:5, Rom. 13:10). From his re-created spirit flows love, joy, peace and gentleness (Gal. 5:22-23). He has spiritual gifts from God and uses these gifts for the joy and welfare of others. He stands against all that is evil and by his personal conduct reforms sinners to repentance. He is a lover of God and Jesus Christ.

3. The earth and the fullness thereof are the Lord's and these were created for man. Today, man is a stranger in his own earth and few are battling with the aid of God to reconquer it. Yet, because of the darkness Satan has cast over mankind (Isa. 25:7, John 12:40), majority of the people are on the side of the devil.
Therefore, ignorance which stands for darkness is a potent weapon. Satan maintains his government through defaming the name of God and of Jesus Christ. Satan has persistently made people to believe that he and not God has the power to lead, to guide, to heal, to protect and to save (Lk. 11:19, Actsl4: 11-14). Satan tries daily to portray God as a tyrant seeking to impose impossible restrictions on man's liberty. Satan is over liberal with his authority and as such anoints prophets and prophetesses and puts them out for sale. He empowers several General managers to open Churches and equally puts out these names and their Churches on sale to an already confused world.
Revelation 12:9 calls Satan the "deceiver of the whole world". Satan has made sin appear beautiful, error as truth, lust as love, crime as virtue and deception as good policies. Satan continues to deceive man to believing that mortal man cannot be righteous again. This is because Satan knows that the righteous ones are his masters. He possesses deadly weapons in his armoury and these are used ruthlessly on man creating diseases, poverty and terrible circumstances. He makes man to believe that suffering and every woe on his life form part of God's plan for his life and man accepts this lie and remains subservient to Satan.

4. "Wide is the gate, and broad is the way that lead to destruction and many there be which go in thereat" (Matt. 7:13). This is the road that leads to the lake of fire, which is Satan's road. On this road there is no need for repentance, for sin and corruption are the stock in trade. Satan is father and lord over the lives of people on this road.
Therefore, Satan guarantees you a befitting burial, blood wealth, exalted posts and protection of the flesh. On this road you have strong drinks, boy friends, girl friends etc. and is whitewashed in your face appearing to be thorn free. This accounts for Satan's popularity and his government. All ignorant men and women go along this road to destruction.

CONCLUSION: Come on over to God's family, come to the strait gate and the narrow way to life. Read your bible daily.